(Inter)action! – Amplifying Voices Through Storytelling and Interactive Theater

This past weekend we collaborated in a rockin’ community event that brought together musicians, artists, performers, children, social justice activists, community educators/students, and countless inspired individuals of diverse walks of life.  The Women Who Rock 2013 (Un)Conference was a hit, and its impactful messages of innovative community engagement and creative collaboration are sure to reverberate well beyond the minds and hearts of those who were in attendance.

For a complete rundown of Saturday’s events/workshops and for the full scoop on the Women Who Rock Project visit their website.

Also, be sure to read the blog-post about Memory War’s interactive theater workshop:  (Inter)Action! – Amplifying Voices Through Storytelling and Interactive Theater.  (Brilliant bloggers were in attendance throughout the day relaying events in real-time!)

To echo the words of the Women Who Rock Project, let us continue . . .

“Making Scenes, Building Communities!”