International Dance


Tari_TopengLiving Performance Traditions of Indonesia and Beyond

Requirements:  Auditorium or clear open space of at least 15’X15’. For larger audiences and spaces, a PA system and wireless microphone may be required.

Suitable for all ages

Lesson Plan materials and resources available for all workshops.
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Indonesian Mask Dance and/or Puppet Theater Performance

Ravana SitaTheater Artist, Dancer, and Puppeteer Tikka Sears weaves story cycles from the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics of South and Southeast Asia with mask dance, shadow puppets and rod puppets of Indonesia.  Musician Manuel Castro accompanies the performance using bamboo flute, drums and the kecapi (a zither-like stringed instrument used in West Java).  Indonesian literature and culture are introduced to students.  The artists will work with producer/educators during a planning session to decide on an appropriate story.  Includes live performance, music, and discussion with artists. This performance is suitable for school assemblies, libraries and festivals.

Time Required: 50 minute performance includes performance and discussion, 1 hour set up, and 1 hour strike.

Size: Audience from 20-100.


Jaipongan Dance of West Java

Jaipongan was developed in West Java in the 1970s, drawing from pre-existing Sundanese dance forms, martial arts, and other sources.  The dance celebrates female charm and strength combining refined feminine movements as well as strong movements from pencak silat martial arts. The musical ensemble also features hanging gongs, metal plates (kecrek), and drum.  The dance movements are closely related to the musical structure, particularly the soundings of the gong and patterns played on the drum. This dance is fun, flirtatious, energetic, and can be a great form of exercise.

Time required: ongoing class sessions or workshop

Size: 15-20 Participants


First Grade Princess MovementThe Monkey Kings, Ogres, Queens and Princes of the Indonesian Stage

Physical Theater and Character Study Using the masks and character types of Southeast Asia and specifically Indonesia.  Performing artist Tikka Sears will lead participants through the dance and movements of 5 major character types of the Ramayana epic.  Participants will explore movement, masks, character and vocal qualities of each of the principal characters. Focus is on experiential learning of oral transmission, dramatic forms, storytelling, vocabularies and concepts. The artist will include a mask dance performance and lecture demo of the character types in one of the sessions. For classroom teachers: EALR’s implemented 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.3, 3.2. and 4.1-4.5.

Time required: 1- 3 class sessions

Size: 15-30 Participants

Introduction to Ramayana and Mahabharata Oral Epic Traditions

Theater artist and storyteller Tikka Sears brings the cultures of India and Indonesia to life in your classroom or organization.  Using master-crafted puppets and masks, Sears introduces students to stories and characters from these ancient epics and shows how many art forms across Asia and in Asian America use these same sets of story cycles today.  Artist brings artifacts, puppets, fabric, and audiovisual material to immerse students in the arts traditions, culture, and history that surrounds’ these stories.  The goal is to engage students as they experience and analyze these stories, and make connections to life, culture and work. For classroom teachers: EALR’s implemented 4.1-4.5.